1. Harry and his favourite Dark Lord

  2. Dino week from Daily Doodle

  3. A friend requested I draw this

    The cast of Wicked

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  4. Today on Daily Doodle it was D&D - How could I resist? :)

  5. Game of Thrones print available on my etsy


  6. From Daily Doodle on Twitter

    Charlie and The Chocolate Factory characters

  7. A whole family of Inuits - 3 generations! 

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  8. The Princess Bride

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  9. The Shichi Fukujin - The 7 Gods of Good Fortune 

    L-R from the top - Hotei, Benten, Ebisu, Daikoku, Fukurokuju, Jurojin and lastly Bishamon

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  10. I sent this into a competition the other day to win some Kate Bush swag, wish me luck.

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